Today In Solidarity (10.5.14): Voter Registration surges in Ferguson in the wake of Mike Brown’s death. The ballot box is not a singular or final solution to dismantling the systems of oppression in Ferguson and beyond, but it’s certainly an important area to focus on. Remember, the current city council/government is disproportionately white due in large part to voter apathy. It’s not too late to get registered, but many state deadlines are coming up this week! For more info visit: VOTE MISSOURI or Rock the Vote.

There’s no place where you can affect change more directly or effectively than at the local level. Don’t sleep on municipal elections. #staywoke #farfromover



Hundreds of Colorado students are fighting back against dangerous text book changes

A Colorado school district has come under fire for trying to change its history curriculum — and its own students have schooled it on what real American history is.

Earlier this month, the school district of Jefferson County, Colo. — the second-largest district in the state — announced it was considering a change to the Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum to “promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free-market system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights” and not “encourage or condone civil disorder, social strike or disregard of the law.”

If the proposal passes, the district’s conservative-majority school board would establish a committee to review textbooks and other classroom materials to see if they meet this new criteria. In other words, any textbook that didn’t seem “patriotic enough” (an aggressively arbitrary and potentially very dangerous label) would be cut. 

So teachers and students walked out | Follow micdotcom 

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